Don’t hinder people who are trying to vote

Published 9:26 pm Friday, October 31, 2008

To the Editor:

Last November, when I took my 88-year-old grandfather, who did not have his ID on him, but who had lived in this county all of his life, to vote, a female Caucasian who was guarding the book of registered voters would not inform us that he could vote by completing a short form verifying his ID and address.

African-American poll workers knew of the alternative process, and told me to ask for the short form which my grandfather could complete to verify his identity.

If you live in this area and you don’t think that racism or discrimination exists, you’re dead wrong. I felt like I was living in the 1960s. I thought to myself “this is the idiotic ignorance of our past.”

I dare not assume that all citizens in our area would treat an 88-year-old African-American man or others this way when they show up without their ID; however, there are citizens in our beloved area who act this way.

When minorities seem to be a little frustrated or angry, realize that it is with just cause. We’ve come a long way, yet tons of people in this area are still left behind in their thinking, living in past decades.

We expect, especially this year, that we will be targeted on Tuesday, but I encourage everyone to stand your ground, know the regulations and the rules, or be at the polls to help seniors and others in need. If you’re working at the polls in our area this year, help voters. Don’t hinder them.

J. Zora Brown