2 injured in shootout

Published 12:10 am Friday, October 31, 2008

FRANKLIN—Two people were wounded after gunfire broke out between several suspects at an apartment complex Wednesday night.

According to Lt. Tim Whitt, officers were called to the Dorchester Square Apartments complex, located on Dorchester Street and near Banks Street, at about 7 p.m. in response to shots being fired. The shooters had fled the scene before police arrived, Whitt said.

A report detailing the incident reveals that police discovered that a female resident in a second-floor apartment of the complex’s “J” building had been struck in her left thigh by a bullet that had come through her living room wall and couch.

The woman told police that when she heard the gunfire, she told her children to get down on the floor. She also got down on the floor to take cover but was hit by a bullet.

“The trajectory of the bullet that hit her was low,” Whitt said.

Another bullet passed through the window frame in one of her children’s bedrooms and lodged in the wall, the report said. Police said there was no reason to suspect that the woman was the intended target of the gunfire.

The report also revealed that when police started to canvas the area to check on the welfare of other residents in the complex, they discovered that a bullet had passed through a window of another apartment. Upon further inspection, police found that bullet had then traveled through a bedroom wall and a bathroom wall. Nobody was in the apartment at the time.

Officers also saw that three parked cars at the complex had been struck by gunfire, shattering windshields and back glass, the report said. Police recovered numerous bullets, bullet fragments and spent cartridge casings from apartments, cars and the ground. Whitt said the bullets and casings found by investigators were 9mm, .380 and .40 caliber.

While investigators were on the scene, they got word that an adult male had walked into the emergency room of Southampton Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wound to his left hip, the report said. Police went to the hospital and interviewed the man, who said he was shot at Dorchester Square Apartments.

According to Whitt, the man at the hospital was not a suspect at this time, but was a person of interest.

Judging by evidence recovered at the scene, police believe that at least two shooters fired their weapons in a westerly direction toward the “J” building of the complex, while a third shooter in the “J” building fired shots eastward at the other two suspects, who were outside of the ‘L’ building, according to the report.

Whitt said the investigation into the shooting is ongoing, and detectives are following up on information of possible suspects. There is no known motive for the shooting at this time.