Republicans endorse Stanton for top job

Published 10:39 pm Thursday, October 30, 2008

To the Editor:

On Oct. 20, the Isle of Wight Republican Party Committee voted to endorse Jennifer Stanton for Isle of Wight County Commonwealth’s Attorney.

I am a Republican and I support Jennifer Stanton, which is why I’ve organized Republicans for Stanton. We support Jennifer Stanton because she has the experience we need. We respect Wayne Farmer; however, when it comes to successfully prosecuting criminals and keeping them off our streets, we have to go with experience for the sake of our community.

In matters of public safety, we want the most qualified individual protecting us and our children, property and businesses, not the individual with the longest residency or tenure. Stanton has worked with the Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office and the Chesapeake Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office and has prosecuted criminals which helped to protect those communities. Farmer has only defended criminals. Stanton has handled four capital murder cases. Farmer is not qualified or certified by the Commonwealth to try capital murder cases.

Stanton is tough-minded and determined; she will cower to no one and no special interest. This toughness may not sit well with some, but it is exactly what we need in our chief law enforcement official.

We truly believe that Stanton is running for this position because she wants to be a public servant, and she truly understands that the office is not about her. It’s about accountability to the public trust.

Maggie Richards