Farmer has right experience for the position

Published 10:39 pm Thursday, October 30, 2008

To the Editor:

We fully support Wayne Farmer for the office of Isle of Wight Commonwealth’s Attorney. He was one of the first people whom we met when we moved to Smithfield five years ago. Being new to the community, he made us feel welcome in an area that was completely new to us. Since then, we have grown to know him both professionally and personally and feel compelled to share why we find him the best candidate for this position.

Wayne has practiced law in our county for over 12 years. This experience is invaluable.

He has a working knowledge of our court system and has gained the admiration and respect of many in law enforcement as evidenced by his numerous endorsements.

While we are fully confident that Wayne’s experience more than qualifies him for this position, it is his character that makes him stand out. He is truly one of the finest people we know. He has a tremendous sense of right and wrong. Add to that his very level-headed and fair-minded nature and you have all the makings of an outstanding Commonwealth’s Attorney.

He is loyal not only to his family and friends but also to this community. He is active in his church and in his sons’ schools. He participates in community events and community organizations and has even held several leadership positions in our county. He wants to serve the people of Isle of Wight County for all of the right reasons — because he cares deeply about this place that he calls home.

Wayne is a lifelong resident of Isle of Wight County, but this is not why you should vote for him. Vote for him because of his experience and because of his character.

Milton and Kirstin Cook