Stanton will be fair

Published 11:12 pm Tuesday, October 28, 2008

To the Editor:

The live debate for Isle of Wight Commonwealth’s Attorney revealed two candidates who offer widely differing propositions for the county’s future. Both candidates appeared as advertised: Jennifer Stanton, a deeply experienced, battle-hardened and tenacious criminal litigator with an instinct for the requirements of public service; and Wayne Farmer, a life-long community member with roots in IOW, and reportedly close associations with all the personalities in this county’s law enforcement system.

In my many years as a businessman in and around IOW, the consistent refrain from the citizenry has been disgust and disdain with an entrenched law enforcement establishment that often is biased toward narrow, self-serving actions, even before many cases get to court.

In Farmer’s admitted “close-ties” with the existing establishment, I see no chance for this cycle of cronyistic bias to end.

Ms. Stanton will offer a much more objective and fair application of the law to all of IOW County’s citizens. Part of her message was about equality in application of the law — no matter who you are or who your “friends” are. Isn’t that what justice is supposed to be about?

With Jennifer Stanton in office, no one will ever go unprosecuted because of who they know or who they are.

Ms. Stanton promises, to restore public faith and confidence in the fairness of our judicial system.

A vote for Jennifer Stanton to become the Commonwealth Attorney for the county of IOW will move this county forward in a very positive direction.

Curt Hazel

Newport News