Obama is educated, articulate, Christian

Published 11:09 pm Tuesday, October 28, 2008

To the Editor:

It is my belief that a person who is running for the presidency, especially in these times, should be of high intellect, the wisdom to evaluate and seek knowledge before reacting and be articulate enough to present the issues on every level.

It also speaks of the quality of a person when he connects with those in need.

Obama’s bachelor’s degree was in political science with a specialist in foreign relations. He graduated top of his class. While at Harvard Law School he was admitted to staff of a law school’s review.

The articles composed for the magazine are by exceptionally bright students. He was also president of the Harvard Law School Review, a privilege that says the person almost has to be able to walk on water.

He graduated magna cum laude. When he finished school he gave of his time to help people in the slums of Chicago.

He came from humble origins and was able to attend Columbia and Harvard through hard work, student loans and scholarships awarded him because of his intellect and determination to reach his goals.

John McCain finished fifth from the bottom of his class. When the bailout was announced, McCain rushed off to Washington to try and convince his party members to vote for Henry Paulson’s proposal but admitted he had not even read the 2 1/2 pages of it.

In the past he has admitted he does not know much about economics. He and his chief mentor on economics Phil Gramm said the fundamentals of our economy are strong.

Gramm has not had an official role in McCain’s campaign since he said America was a nation of whiners. Obama continued to reach out to the American people on issues they wanted to know about.

During that time he was constantly in contact with representatives of both parties as well as experts on the economy.

When asked by Bush to attend a meeting he took his Senate aide. McCain took a political advisor to something he said should not be a political issue. Sarah Palin, when asked her take on the bailout, said “Everyone wants medical insurance and they should have it.”

McCain has said of Obama he is very articulate. This ability will serve him well in the ability to respond to world leaders, and others on all levels of government here and abroad.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is the belief by many that Obama is Muslim. He is a Christian and follows the basic Christian faith in the way he judges a person by not where he came from but who he is.

Tobey Edwards