Let’s find leader who can return Franklin schools to glory

Published 10:18 pm Thursday, October 2, 2008

To the Editor:

Congratulations to Chuck Lilley for the excellent column that appeared in the Sept. 28 Tidewater News. I agree wholeheartedly with Chuck’s requirements for our school superintendent.

I have lived in Franklin all of my life, attended its schools, as well as taught many years at Franklin High School. I, too, am greatly interested in the educational programs in our city. As a parent, my children attended Franklin High School when it was known as one of the best in the state.

Formerly, 80 percent of our graduates attended and graduated from college or other institutions of higher education.

One of our most outstanding superintendents during my tenure was Dr. Edward Brickell. Dr. Brickell was a teacher, a leader and innovator. He introduced new courses into the curriculum. He was a hands-on superintendent. He willingly listened to his principals, teachers and students concerning any problem that existed. His office door was always open.

Often he visited in the classroom to evaluate what was being taught. This is the kind of leadership Franklin Schools needs today.

Franklin schools were once the best. It’s time to return to the standards that made them the best. We need a full time, dedicated, innovated superintendent to lead our schools in competing in the Age of Technology in which we live today.

Dorothy C. Beale