‘Ride to the sound of the guns,’ reader urges

Published 9:55 pm Thursday, September 25, 2008

To the Editor:

As an old non-commissioned officer, I learned one very important fact long ago: it is best to get in close when deciding a course of action.

The dynamics of any high-profile event change constantly. It is most important to see firsthand exactly what the situation is. It is critical that deciders have the most current information available.

There is also a critical “body English” factor involved in any negotiations. Given that, I fully support Sen. John McCain’s action (of suspending his campaign). Get close, get involved, be committed and when the dust settles, then resume the campaign. Sen. Barack Obama is comfortable, like Ellen DeGeneres, to “Let my people get with your people” and gather information that way.

Who are Sen. Obama’s people anyway, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? He says he talks with them every day, sometimes more than that. Whoopee!

I offer a quote familiar to leaders that have bet their life in critical situations: “Don’t wait for orders from headquarters; ride to the sound of the guns!”

John Murphy