Keep school priorities straight

Published 10:17 pm Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Job one for a school system is to impart the knowledge that students need to be successful in life. That knowledge is gained primarily in the classroom. It can be enhanced on the playing fields, but learning is inherently an academic — not athletic — function.

The Franklin School Board would be wise to reinforce that notion by raising the minimum grade-point average for sports and other extracurricular participation from 1.25 to 2.0.

Led by Mona Murphy and David Benton, school board members were leaning in that direction last week before Assistant Superintendent Rick Clemons urged the board to proceed cautiously.

There should be no hesitation and no debate. Raising the minimum GPA is the right thing to do, regardless of whether it costs a Bronco sports team a star player or two and a digit in the win column.

Students who are enthusiastic about sports or other extracurricular activities will be motivated to hit the books and get their GPAs to the minimum level.

If that motivation is lacking, they have no business on the playing field to start with.

We applaud the school board for raising this important issue and urge it to make the change, with or without the support of administrators.