Windsor OKs plan for its future

Published 8:44 am Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WINDSOR—The town councol approved a draft comprehensive plan for its future last week.

“It’s a roadmap for the future of the town of Windsor,” said Michael Stallings, the planning and zoning


The comprehensive plan encompasses six issue areas: environment, land use, economic development, transportation, public facilities and housing and community development.

Stallings said one of the main points of the plan includes the need to increase workforce housing. Windsor needs more affordable housing for middle-income families, he said.

The goals, objectives and implementation strategies contained in the comprehensive plan are to be integrated into the town’s planning process to help enhance desirable development practices for the town’s future growth.

“This is a product of citizen input and planning commission input,” said Windsor Interim Town Manager John L. Rowe Jr.

By law, a town must review its comprehensive plan every five years to determine if changes are appropriate.