Admiral is getting message wrong

Published 2:34 pm Wednesday, September 3, 2008

To the Editor:

I take the exception to comments made by Rear Admiral David Anderson quoted in the Aug. 14 article titled “New OLF static unearthed.”

As Chairman of the Camden County Board of Commissioners, I must communicate to your readers that Camden County has and will continue to have frank and direct discussions with representatives of the Navy.

At no time have we or our neighboring county, Currituck, relegated conversations with the Navy to our attorneys.

Clearly, we do not agree with the Navy that the Hales Lake site is an appropriate potential option for an OLF.

We know that building an OLF on soil containing peat is not safe, that taking thousands of acres of rich, productive farm land out of operation or placing them under restrictions will devastate our economy and that our chosen way of life will forever be gone.

The comment made by the Rear Admiral does not encourage open communication or establish a respectful atmosphere for dialogue.

We in Camden County can only hope he misspoke.

Jeffrey B. Jennings, chairman

Camden County (N.C.) Board of Commissioners