Real farmers’ market work begins now

Published 4:53 pm Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Now comes the hard part for Franklin City officials who were hellbent to build a farmers’ market in downtown.

Approving the $82,000 bid for the project was the easy part. A generous donation from the Camp Foundations will cover the expense.

Deciding where to build the sheltered, lighted pavilion was also pretty easy, but not without its critics.

No, the hard part is setting up the rules by which all the parties play, setting up regulations that allow both the sellers to prosper and buyers to find an attractive location to shop.

Whatever resistance those sellers who set up shop along Armory Drive appear to have conceded their protests to move, realizing that the city government will get its way.

What city officials must do is attract more sellers, and attract those who produce a variety of goods. That might create foot traffic, without which no place of business can survive.

And city officials must promote the location, promote it above and beyond the usual modes of advertising.

There are other promotional opportunities to make the market flourish:

* Hold even more special events downtown;

* Make the shopping experience worth the trip where adequate parking could be an issue;

* Coordinate the We Be Jammin’ series with market hours.

There are a host of ideas that could work. It falls onto city officials to see that it happens.