Superintendent search starts now

Published 8:15 am Monday, August 25, 2008

The Franklin School Board has its work cut out for it this week.

On Wednesday, the board has planned a lengthy meeting with representatives of the Virginia School Board Association to establish parameters in its search for a new superintendent.

This is an important first step that must be firm and calculated, far-reaching yet practical.

During the meeting, which is expected to last three hours, board members will most likely create a sketch of the person they want to lead the city’s school system.

That profile will be used by the VSBA to advertise for the position, screen applicants and make recommendations to the board as to who is qualified.

From that point, it will become the board’s responsibility to conduct the next stage of interviews and size up those brought in to meet with the board.

The VSBA will continue to provide — for a fee — consulting services as to best sift through the mountain of information that is expected to be created during the interviewing process.

But all of that starts Wednesday.

We hope board members have given this great and deep thought.