Behind the scenes at We Be Jammin’

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 14, 2008

FRANKLIN-There is certainly a great deal of preparation involved when setting up a show that involves a band and lots of good refreshments. All the steps must be taken to ensure that the Downtown Franklin Association’s weekly We Be Jammin’ concert is done efficiently and satisfies the crowd.

In regards to the music, the bands have to make sure their equipment is functioning properly as well as allot plenty of time to set everything up.

&uot;One of the first things we do is come up with a set list of songs,&uot; said Cecil Edwards, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the band Canyon Road. &uot;We try to do a lineup of songs that will appeal to a variety of people. The next big step is to set up the equipment, do sound checks, and make sure everything is working as it should.&uot;

&uot;The first thing we do when setting up is get the drummer positioned. Since he is in the middle of the stage, the rest of us work around him. By setting him up first we can all position ourselves as needed.&uot;

What it all boils down to for the bands is having a good time.

&uot;The main thing is to get up there and have fun,&uot; said Edwards.

Canyon Road is a local band that plays classic rock, country and Southern rock.

&uot;We always play a lot of Lynyrd Skynyrd,&uot; said Edwards. &uot;We’ll do several of their songs during a show.&uot;

The core band, other than Edwards, consists of Ed Marks on lead guitar, Edward Marks on lead guitar and vocals, Ed Canada on drums and Mack Lassiter on bass guitar.

Another pivotal part of such an event is the refreshments. Caterers have to give themselves plenty of time to get everything set up and prepare the food.

&uot;We normally get out here around 1 in the afternoon,&uot; said Wally Coker, co-owner of Light House Catering and Concessions. &uot;It takes a little while to set up the stands and any other arrangements that surround them.

&uot;Then we have to organize and prepare the food so that it’s ready when the show begins.&uot;

&uot;We’re a very family and youth-oriented business, though,&uot; said Coker. &uot;We try to appeal to everyone.&uot;

Light House Catering and Concessions is the primary caterer for this year’s We Be Jammin’ events.

They offer a wide range of treats, including barbecue, Philly steak and cheese subs, funnel cakes and Italian ice.

Along with Coker, the business is co-owned by Edie Holt. Coker’s sister, Debora Slusher, helps with the setup and sales. The business is based in Petersburg.