Isle of Wight sets schedule for pumping septic tanks

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 3, 2008

ISLE OF WIGHT-The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday better defined a state-mandated program requiring private septic tanks to be pumped at least once every five years.

The program requires property owners within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed to have their on-site septic systems inspected and pumped out at least once every five years in an attempt to reduce negative impacts on the Chesapeake Bay.

Properties outside of the Chesapeake Bay watershed are encouraged but not required to participate in the program. Septic systems will be tracked via a database set up by the county in cooperation with property owners.

Residents of Smithfield and Windsor should contact their respective town officials regarding the implementation programs for properties within the towns’ boundaries.

On Tuesday, the supervisors established the first of a five-year rotation, based on election district, for the notification of required cleaning of septic tanks: Smithfield District-September 2008; Windsor District-September 2009; Carrsville District-September 2010; Hardy District-September 2011; and Newport District-September 2012.

Once notified by the county to register affected septic systems, property owners will have two years to have the septic pumped. The typical cost of the pumping was estimated by the board at $250 to $350.