Mayor: Council ‘very satisfied’ with manager, attorney

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 28, 2008

FRANKLIN—City Council members met in closed session Monday evening to conduct annual evaluations of the city manager and the city attorney.

According to Mayor Jim Councill, the performances of City Manager Bucky Taylor and City Attorney H. Taylor Williams IV were met with favorable discussion.

“They are probably going to get what the other city employees are getting,” Councill said of pay raises for the two. “The budget included the same 2 percent raise for them as well, and no additional raises were discussed.

“Everyone is very satisfied with their performance.”

The 2 percent raises would bring the city manager’s salary to roughly $126,772 and the city attorney’s to $96,900.

Councill said that he still needs to review and edit the documents before giving the men a formal copy of the evaluation.

While Taylor works at the “pleasure of council,” Williams works by contract, which expires June 30.

Councill said no discussion took place regarding the renewal of the contract and that council would meet to talk about it again as soon as possible.