Helping hands in Europe

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 28, 2008

special to the tidewater news

The men from Hunterdale Baptist Church returned from their mission’s trip to Greece and Romania a couple of weeks ago. In Greece, they visited with the Adam Crabtree family which is one of the missionaries supported by their church.

The men were able to see first hand what a missionary goes through on a daily basis when starting a church in a foreign country, and the difficulties of everyday life.

Things are certainly not done the same in other countries as they are in the U.S. The euro — the form of currency — was one euro to $1.58 in U.S. currency. The prices of everyday commodities were higher in euros than dollars, plus you had to increase the price 50 to 60 percent to see what the same item would cost in the states.

The men were able to visit with the Crabtrees from their Sunday services which were very much like ours. Brother Crabtree has learned Greek but the people attending all understood English.

Brother Jerry Mullendore, director of the Beacon International Baptist Mission, was the guest speaker for the services. While visiting with the Crabtrees, Brother Crabtree showed us some of the ancient landmarks of Greece.

We were able to got to the Acropolis and see the Parthenon. He also took us to see several places where the Apostle Paul preached and started the first churches according to Biblical history found in the New Testament book of Acts. We saw the ancient ruins of Corinth, Chencheria and Phillippi. We went to Berea where the people searched the scriptures daily and saw where Lyddia, Paul’s first convert in Macedonia, was baptized.

After visiting with the Crabtrees and learning a few things about the Greek culture, the mission’s team departed to Romania.

The team was met at the airport by Missionary Keith Price. Brother Price is part of Hunterdale Baptist Church’s missionary family. Brother Price lives about four hours from the airport in Bucharest. He and his family live in a small village call Topraizar. It is about an hour from a large city called Constanta which is located on the Black Sea. The mission team went to Topraizar to help the Prices work on