Lifeguards to the rescue

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 26, 2008

The City of Franklin was scheduled to open its pool two weeks ago but a lack of certified lifeguards to keep adequate watch on the swimmers kept officials from opening the gates.

On Monday, though, that changes.

The pool will open for recreational swimming at 1 p.m. Seems potential lifeguards learned of the shortage and many came forward, applying to take the course to be certified, then go through the city’s requirements for employment. In this case, that meant passing a background check and passing a drug test.

Then the city took a courtesy step: It will not charge for the use of the pool. It is a reward, according to the director of the parks and recreation department, to those who waited patiently until staffing levels could be attained.

That’s a generous gesture, but at some point during the hiring process when too few applicants came forward, someone in city government should have taken the moment to realize that the school year was coming to a close and kids would need a place to go. For many on summer break, that meant a day at the pool.

Free admission will be appreciated. Sufficient forethought, though, is what’s expected.