Many thank yous

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 14, 2008

To the Editor:

On March 31 at around 5 p.m., my shed and garage caught on fire. Until I got home, my daughter was alone with a very big problem, and she did a great job; the first big “Thank You” goes to Kerry.

She didn’t panic and did what needed to be done.

The second big “Thank You” goes to the 911 operator who took down the information and dispatched that information without question.

Shortly after I arrived home, David Simmons, a down-the-road neighbor, came and started helping us. When the fire department got there, he helped them. Next day when I tried to thank David for his help, he told me “You don’t owe me a “Thank You”, that’s just what neighbors do.”

The third big “Thank You” goes to David Simmons.

The fourth big “Thank You” goes to a total stranger, and I hope you see this and realize just how much your help meant to us.

A stranger, to me and my neighbors, stopped and helped us and the fire department, then just disappeared.

The fifth big “Thank You” goes to the Capron Fire Department. They took care of the fire and checked and checked and checked, until I felt confident the fire was out.

Ginny Britt, my friend and co-worker, gets the sixth big “Thank You”. After hearing about the fire and knowing my daughter was home alone, Ginny called to check that the fire department had been notified.

Another friend Anita Malcolm, driving by, seeing the fire but due to her job not able to stop, also called to check that the fire Department was dispatched, and gets the seventh big “Thank You”.

This could go on and on. To the Courtland Fire Department, neighbors, friends, family and all who came to help, a big “Thank You”.

Silvia Brooks