Welcome Franklin council members

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 3, 2008

To the Editor:

I want to say how much I enjoyed and agree with Steve Stewart in his May 18, 2008 “Publisher’s Notebook”

in The Tidewater News.

For someone still new to the area it didn’t take you long to see what is going on in Franklin and what is wrong in our city government. This will begin to correct itself in July when the new City Council people begin.

What we heard at the last City Council meeting is that the citizens want the current City Council to utilize the new members’

knowledge in budgeting now to help cut this budget. We no longer want [City Manager Bucky] Taylor to do the budget, give it to council and have them approve it with very few questions asked.

Also, with few on the City Council really able to read — or much less understand — the budget, this help should be welcome.

To the current City Council, for the last time you told the citizens to get more involved and we did this at the ballot box. Mr. Scislowicz, I got the same impression from your performance as Mr. Stewart did. It might not have been what you were trying to do, but it sure turned out that way.

Also, it appears you are burned out from serving on City Council. If so, resign now so Mr. Cheatham can begin now. To the City Council, I ask these things. Do not approve the new budget until our new council members come on board. Do not make any major changes like extending people’s contracts until the new council comes on board. Do not be working behind the scenes to terminate any — and I mean any — department heads until the new city council members come on board.

If you feel the need to do this, the citizens have a right to know before you do anything. If not, then you really will fill our anger.

To Dr. Bob Edwards, Dr. Barham Dotson, Don Blythe, the electric commission members and others who spoke during the City Council meetings and City Council let your words go in one ear and out the other: Your time is now.

William J. Kannan