Library patrons get the scoop on Word

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 3, 2008

FRANKLIN—The Ruth Camp Campbell Memorial Branch of the Blackwater Regional Library hosted a class Tuesday on Microsoft Word.

The class was aimed at teaching the general concepts of the much-used word-processing program.

“I’ve worked on it a little bit at home,” said Claire Richard, one of the nine students, “but it’s a lot more helpful to have someone guide you through it.”

Lori Kokich, another student, said that she felt the class would help her enhance her knowledge of the program.

“It’s always nice to learn something new,” said Kokich. “I’m interested in learning more about the program in general but specifically using ClipArt.”

Some of the topics included opening a new document, entering and moving text, changing fonts, printing, and saving files. Only the basics of Word were regarded, as the class was only an introduction to the program.

Some of the students were attending the class just to polish their skills with Word.

Dena Williams, the class instructor, regularly volunteers to teach such classes in the local area.

“When I’m not tending to my 2-year-old at home,” said Williams, “I’m instructing these computer-related classes. I enjoy volunteering to help people learn something that can be helpful to them.”

This particular class was one of many types that the library routinely offers.

“This truly is a wonderful library,” said Claire Richard, who has attended several classes there. “It’s a comfortable atmosphere and the staff is very polite and helpful.”

In a world that is more and more reliant upon computers, general knowledge, if nothing else, is a valuable asset for any individual.