Fasten those seatbelts

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 3, 2008

For those few drivers who still don’t get how important it is to fasten a seatbelt, local law enforcement officers will have a friendly — and potentially expensive — reminder in store.

In May, police will be on the lookout for those who have not buckled up and vow to be aggressive in stopping — and ticketing — those drivers.

The program is call Click It or Ticket, and it’s been well advertised and explained.

In fact, it’s among the easiest traffic laws to remember, right up there with obeying speed limits and traffic signals.

But more important than the message is the reason: Wearing seatbelts saves lives and reduces injuries.

According to the Virginia Highway Safety Office, 946 persons were killed in motor vehicle related crashes in 2005. Of those, 454 persons were unrestrained. That’s nearly half.

Would all of the victims have survived a crash if they had been buckled? Of course not, but their odds would have been much improved. So will yours. Buckle up.