Cheatham, Burgess, Crum present opportunity for change

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 3, 2008

Do the voters and taxpayers of Franklin perceive that the city expenditures and taxes and debt and electric bills (higher rates than Dominion Virginia Power) continue to escalate? On May 6, we have a rare opportunity to begin to curb these spiraling costs.

The incumbent mayor and Ward 2 councilman are both longstanding and good friends of mine. They have worked hard and put in long hours for our city. They are both good people. For those reasons I have struggled with writing this letter.

However, I truly believe that candidates Barry Cheatham (Ward 1), Benny Burgess (Ward 2) and Ellis Crum (mayor) intend to examine Franklin’s expenditures with an eye toward separating “wants” from “needs.” I have been told that the other Ward 1 candidate, fine fellow that he is, was encouraged to run by the incumbents. I take that to mean he will support the status quo.

I have had several conversations with Ellis Crum and do not believe that he has a white agenda or a black agenda, not a “south of the railroad” nor a “north of the railroad” agenda. I believe he has a pro-Franklin agenda. Whatever your inclination, I hope all voters will turn out Tuesday to vote. This is a time when we can make a difference. Only by a heavy voter turnout can we feel that the citizens’ wishes are being carried out.

Holt Livesay