Change needed at City Hall

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 3, 2008

To the Editor:

Having graduated from Franklin High School in 1942, I was fortunate to get a summer job with the Seaboard Railroad at the local station, and I can promise you that it never looked like the abomination that I see when I pass by what is being done to it now.

It was my impression that as a part of the “Historic Franklin Restoration” program, the building would be restored to its original condition. I have no idea who decided to accept the architectural design presently approaching completion, but somebody needs to explain to the citizens of Franklin why the City Council agreed to spend more than a million dollars of “whoever’s” tax money you were able to secure in this area. This is just one more of many questionable ways you have spent federal, state and local taxes for projects far less important than schools.

In my humble opinion, if any of you dreamers think there is any great financial resource to be gained by the city from our limited historic interest, please point this out to us.

If you think downtown Franklin is going to sustain substantial growth, I think you are totally misguided. Look where the expansion of Franklin’s business district is taking place and see if you can figure where the next expansion will likely be.

Try Armory Drive or Stewart Drive, both of which have sufficient area capable of allowing tremendous

growth out of the flood zone. Other businesses that attract thousands of shoppers each day will determine the location for new business in Franklin.

I sincerely hope that somehow you will be able to fill the vacant stores and office buildings downtown in the foreseeable future, and if you can do that it will be a major accomplishment. It is clear to me that what we need in this city are changes in the administration and City Council, therefore I encourage the voters in Wards 1 and 2 to go to the polls and elect Benny Burgess in Ward 2 and Barry Cheatham in Ward 1 as your representatives.

With their financial backgrounds and your vote for them, I am confident that things will be much better. It is certainly worth a try.

Dr. Robert T. Edwards