Not concerned about workplace

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It is interesting that the “workplace” of Barry Cheatham, candidate for City Council for Franklin’s Ward 1, has become an issue when for the past eight to 10 years Joe Scislowicz, councilman from Ward 1, has been employed out of town and it has never been a concern.

In addition, Mark Fetherolf, councilman from Ward 6, has been employed out of town for years, and likewise, Vice Mayor Kent Pope worked out of town during his entire time on the council, and it never was an issue for them.

No doubt, Cheatham knows and understands the time requirements to serve on the City Council and is well prepared to handle this issue, among the many troubling issues of the city, which, with his CPA background and experience, he is so well qualified to handle.

His office phone is a local call, and if elected it will be available on the City of Franklin Web site.

George L. Weidmann Jr.