Hoctor #8216;impartial and fair#8217;

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Having worked with Dan Hoctor for nearly 10 years, I can attest to his ability to be impartial and fair in his dealings with others. He possesses the qualities necessary to represent the citizens of Ward 1.

I find that

Hoctor is very approachable and truly cares about the City of Franklin and its future.

As the director of Southside Physical Therapy, Hoctor has been directly involved with making sound, fiscal business decisions.

I believe he will be able to transfer those skills to City Council by helping the city to make fiscally responsible decisions without unnecessary cuts to programs and services vital to our citizens.

Hoctor is involved in many community organizations and has the ability to look at multiple issues the city faces.

He does not have preconceived notions or a personal agenda going into this election. He is capable of representing the needs and wants of his greater constituency, not his personal desires or those of a few.

Being a resident and businessman in Franklin, Hoctor is in touch with our needs. He will listen to our concerns and represent us appropriately. In my opinion, Dan Hoctor is the best choice for Ward 1. Vote for Daniel K. Hoctor on May 6.

Tracey Vick