Candidate is fair-minded

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As a former resident of Franklin, and Ward 1, I no longer have a vote due to my Alabama address. But, if I were still there, I would place my vote for Dan Hoctor for the City Council.

I have known Dan for three-plus years. I got to know Dan best during workout sessions at the YMCA.

During those early mornings we spent a lot of time talking, and much of the discussion centered around what was best for our families and what was best for our town.

In the time that I have known him, Dan has represented well the values and common-sense judgment needed in local governance.

He has dedicated his time and talent in community service. He is fair-minded and balanced in his approach to dealing with multiple agendas. I believe he will serve the City of Franklin and the residents of Ward 1 well.

Thank you, Joe Scislowicz, for your past service, and best wishes to Hoctor and the residents of Ward 1 on the coming election.

Sean T. Dardeau

Birmingham, Ala.