At least this isn#8217;t Suffolk

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Once again we are reminded all too well who has the upper hand when man faces the wrath of Mother Nature.

The elements win.

On Monday afternoon, a heavy thunderstorm — one more suited to the heat of late summer days than the cool of early spring — blew up from the south. It made its pass along the Isle of Wight/Suffolk border, knocking down trees and putting a well-placed scare into the masses.

By late afternoon, the storm had gotten serious. When it decided, the stormed triggered a tornado that ripped through a busy portion of Suffolk, and practically wiped out the small community of Driver.

Television pictures and newspaper reports made it clear the buildings never had a chance. Miraculously, though, there were no fatalities and few serious injuries.

Once again, we know which force won.

For the folks hit with the storm before it created a tornado, those who suffered tree damage and some inconvenience, the refrain was consistent: “At least this wasn’t Suffolk.”