Golfer’s improvement gets national attention

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Allen Jones is 89 years old and has been playing golf for 50 or so years.

At one point during his earlier playing days, he held a single-digit handicap. And even though he’s stayed active, working out at the YMCA three days a week, he could hardly break 100, roughly a 30-shot deterioration of his game.

But this is where Jones and his story got prominent play in a May Golf Digest feature on the nation’s most improved players.

Danny Morgan, the pro at Cypress Cove Country Club in Franklin, told the magazine he worked with Jones a little, adjusting his stance over the ball.

The results were measurably improved, shaving roughly 10 strokes off his handicap, from a 32 to a 22.

That improvement caught the eyes of the editors at Golf Digest who named Jones the most improved older player in Virginia. The magazine quoted Morgan as saying that over the years Jones had &uot;opened his stance by moving his left foot back, and that was causing him to pick up the club.&uot;

Jones, on the other hand, was quoted in the magazine as saying since the adjustment, &uot;I shot my age four times last season.&uot; For any golfer, that’s quite the accomplishment.