Cleaning up the rivers was a huge success

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 24, 2008

To the Editor:

Well, it appears Clean Rivers Day 2008 was another big success. The weather was great and all the individuals and the teams that came out to clean up our environment are to be commended for their hard work.

Here are the results. It looks like the Franklin YMCA Black Achievers are once again the team with the most bags collected with 36. Donald Powers had the most tires with 6. Total bags collected was 193 by 110 hardy volunteers. Total tires was 16. Total combined weight of bags, tires and all debris picked up was 6,560 pounds or 3.28 tons. Now tell me: How impressive is that?

Teams that participated that have logged in as of this date were: Donald Powers, YMCA Black Achievers, Hercules, Team Vicki Brown, Team Curtis Newsome, Iluka, Friends of the Meherrin, Dean Wagenbach, team Ronnie West, International Paper, SW Rawls, Team Otto Wachsmann, Three Rivers Bass Club, Southampton High School Ecology and Key Club, Team Jeremy Cutchins, Team Miriam Chaffee, team Renee Trull, Howard Barnes, Franklin EMS and the Zuni Ruritans.

All these folks should feel proud of what they accomplished on CRD. I hope they will be an inspiration for other individuals, schools and organizations next year when CRD will be held on April 18.

I also want to thank the City of Franklin’s Public Works for disposing of all that trash and debris that was collected, VDOT for supplying bags and safety equipment, Southampton County Litter Control for litter-getters and all the agencies that came out and set up information booths.

Thank you, Franklin City Mayor Jim Councill and Southampton County Administrator Mike Johnson, for all your support and kind words on CRD.

It would be nice if all local officials cared enough to come to CRD and, hey, maybe even clean up.

The Chowan Watershed Roundtable did a great job this year with its first association with CRD. I hope that will continue to grow in the following years. Maybe there could be a full day of events after the cleanup like a bass tournament and kayak races and have vendors and food.

Anything that can get the public interested and excited about our rivers would be great. We are so fortunate to have the Blackwater and Nottoway Rivers in our community.

It is my hope that we as a community continue to take care of these rivers and utilize them in a way that is fun and recreationally beneficial to all who use them. I am very proud and appreciative for all the work and help sent my way on CRD, and I want all of you who helped to know that at the end of that day both rivers smiled.

Jeff Turner

BNRP Riverkeeper