Name: Zenobia D. Williams

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 21, 2008

Age: 49

Occupation and title: Isle of Wight County Department of Parks & Recreation Center Coordinator

Spouse’s name: Bernard Williams

Children’s names and ages: Adrienne Monique Elder 32, Andrea Zenobia Goodwyn-Reese 23

Church affiliation: Piney Grove Baptist Church, Franklin

What’s the best part of your day? Seeing my three grandchildren come in from school one at a time safe and happy

If you could select another profession, what would you do? Nursing

Why do you choose to live in Franklin/Southampton/Isle of Wight County? I love the small town, and I have to be close to my mother

If you had two weeks vacation and money was no object, how would you spend your time? Shopping & relaxing in a luxurious hotel suite

Favorite food: Fried chicken

Favorite weekend destination: Williamsburg

Favorite color: Blue

What’s the best life lesson you’ve learned, and who taught you? If it wasn’t meant to happen God wouldn’t have let it happen. Even though I’ve heard this saying many of times before my youngest daughter really pierced my heart with this saying.

Favorite Bible verse: Romans 1:16

What’s the best decision you’ve made in life? Giving my life to Christ.

Which local charitable or non-profit organization do you wish more people would support? Single Mothers Scholarship Fund

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know. That I care more about the happiness of others verses my own happiness.

What’s your hobby? Crocheting

If you could re-live one day of your life, which would it be and why? A Saturday evening at my grandma’s Rachel house singing and dancing with all my cousins. It always brought such a smile to her face and laughter to her heart seeing us kids show off our stuff.

What gives you the blues? When someone in my family is unhappy

What’s the most Southern thing you’ve ever done? Riding down the Mississippi River on the Mississippi Queen River Steamboat.

What’s your best childhood memory? When my sister Carolyn was chasing me through the house and the glass front door was locked and I ended up going straight through the glass

and never stop running until I reached our neighbors house. We often laugh about it because my Daddy was very upset about the door and still wanted more blood from me.

Tell us one true thing. God is real

What frightens you most? Youth of today taking life so unconscientiously.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why? I love Franklin, and Isle of Wight County. I’m a small-town girl. I’d traveled to a many beautiful states but there’s no place like home.

Who’s your favorite ex-president? Bill Clinton

If you could pass or change one law, what would it be? The gun law

What last brought tears to your eyes? When I was honored by Tierra White one of the youth of my church in her Black History paper of African Americans that influence them the most.

If you could invite three guests n living or dead, from anytime in history n to dinner, who would they be? Martin Luther King Jr. is the only person that comes to mind.

What three objects would you take with you to a desert island? Water, food and a tent.

What kind of music do you like, and who’s your favorite performer? Gospel , Juanita Bynum

Tell us about a good movie you’ve seen lately and why you liked it. First Sunday. I’m a joker at heart so of course I enjoyed the humor of the movie but mostly how the movie showed how God can change even the hardest of hearts.

Who’s a famous athlete or entertainer you admire? Shirley Caesar

What’s the last book you read? Juanita Bynum — Matters of the Hearts.

To whom are you grateful and why? First of all to God and then my parents Rufus and Melba Bundick whom have supported and encouraged me all my life.