St. Jude#8217;s efforts raise more than #036;3,000

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 11, 2008

To the Editor:

On two Saturdays, March 15 and March 22, the St. Jude Council of the Knights of Columbus and the parishioners of St. Jude’s Catholic Church — more than 50 members and their families — accepted donations in front of the Franklin Super Wal-Mart to support the KOVAR Tootsie Roll campaign.

KOVAR is a Virginia Knights of Columbus Charity established in 1971 to provide financial assistance through grants and home loans to tax-exempt organizations providing training and assistance to citizens with intellectual disabilities. KOVAR has provided more than $10 million in grants and currently has in force $1.2 million in home loans.

As an example, locally, The Children’s Center of Franklin was awarded $21,800 in 2006 for renovations and expansion along with many other organizations in our area.

This totally volunteer organization accepts no salaries and was recently acknowledged by the Congress of the United States as the most effective and efficient charitable organization serving persons with intellectual disabilities.

In 2007, The St. Jude’s Council was acknowledged by the State Council of Virginia as having raised the highest per capita contributions for a small council with nearly $100 per member.

This year, with great weather, willing workers and the overwhelming generosity of the people of Franklin, we have again had a highly successful campaign, having raised $3,150.

We are very grateful to the Wal-Mart organization for their great support and accommodations and to the entire community of Franklin and western Tidewater.

Daniel R. Hohman, chairman, KOVAR Committee

St. Jude’s Council, Knights of Columbus