Franklin firefighters#8217; group endorses challengers

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 2, 2008

To the Editor:

After careful deliberation and voting the Franklin Professional Firefighters and Medics Association announced our endorsements for upcoming council elections:

Mayor: Ellis Crum

Ward 1: Dan Hoctor

Ward 2: Benny Burgess

We feel that these above candidates represent the best interests for the improvement of the city as a whole and they have a stated commitment to keep our first responders some of the best equipped and prepared as can be responsibly achieved.

The professional firefighters association will stand by those who we feel will stand by us. We will be with our candidates every step of the way with our wholehearted support, and we encourage all citizens to be active in the upcoming election, find out as much as they can about all of the candidates and come out and vote.

Any further inquiries into our specific reasons for our endorsements should be sent to me, President Michael Mavredes, at

The Firefighters Association will be glad to speak with anyone who has inquiries.

Michael Mavredes, president

Franklin Professional Firefighters

and Medics Association