Officer commended for work on DUI law

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 3, 2008

FRANKLIN—At Monday’s City Council meeting, Sgt. Ronnie McClenny received one of the city’s Star Performer awards.

Nominated by Lt. Tim Whitt for his &uot;persistence in researching a code section that would allow the city to recover monetary losses by police, fire and rescue dealing with and responding to DUI incidents,&uot; McClenny worked many hours with other localities and the city attorney.

The new ordinance was created to deter drunken drivers from being out on city streets.

The reimbursement refers to incidents where a person is found guilty of operating a vehicle while impaired; driving recklessly; or driving without a license, or with a suspended or revoked license, with any of these being the cause of an accident; or leaving the scene; and the &uot;circumstances of the violation require the dispatch of additional law enforcement, fire-fighting, rescue or emergency services,&uot; or a combination, the court may order restitution of up to $1,000 be paid by the person in violation.

Expenses will be calculated from the time of dispatch until the accident can be cleared by emergency personnel.

McClenny receives a $10 gift certificate to a local business of choice and is eligible for the Employee of the Year award.