OLF would rob family of its heritage

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 3, 2008

I realize I am blessed and very fortunate to say that I live on land where I was born and where I have lived all of my 50-plus years.

Not many people can say that nor do some care. It means a lot to me personally, however.

Just for a moment, imagine what it is like to raise your children on land that was homesteaded by your great-great-grandfather well over 100 years ago. While you are thinking about that, imagine what it is like to live on land that you watched your father and your grandfather till and toil over for years.

Imagine living on land that you and your husband actually hand cleared of trees, stumps, roots and debris so that you could build your home and start your life together.

It is not just the peace and tranquility and freedom of living in a rural area that I covet; I love these particular hundreds of acres of land because of my heritage and my ancestry.

If you can possibly imagine how I feel, I hope you can understand why the possible location of the Outlying Landing Field (OLF) on the Mason tract in Sussex and Southampton counties is traumatizing real people.

If you are still trying to imagine how I feel, picture my parents and the needless stress and strain this is putting them through.

My dad is a World War II veteran, but now, at the age of 87, is having to fight a war just to save his home of the last 56 years. What is fair about that?

Whatever happened to the American dream? My mother has lived on this land for virtually all of her 82 years. How do we explain to her that she may have to move and/or have what should be her golden years turned into turmoil and despair? Would you like to see your parents suffer like this?

I humbly ask for your support in opposing the location of the OLF in Southside Virginia.

Sharon B. Mattox