Citizens’ group deserved better

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 3, 2008

Franklin officials acted either boldly or foolishly — or both — when they took a stance, in no uncertain terms, that the recommendations of a citizens’ committee which tried to give advice on management of the city’s electric department are unwarranted.

The committee, made up of accomplished business and industry leaders, offered suggestions on how to operate the revenue-generating department for the good of the city.

Whether that advice was best for the city’s taxpaying citizens is still up for debate — except inside City Hall, that is.

There are troubling signs for the electric department. The director of the department saw his position advertised — while he still occupied it.

The relationship between the city’s decision-makers and that department head still appears frosty.

Then the deputy director resigns after 11 years with the city, citing, in part, what he considered to be an unstable situation.

When it comes to electricity, the city needs all the advice it can get.