A good plan not meant to be

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bad news out of Richmond. Again.

This time, the dark news comes from the governor’s office in the form of a press release, informing the public that a designation known as Virginia Enterprising Zones is being bestowed on other communities.

The designation supports job creation and private investment through grants based on real property investment and the number of jobs created.

Franklin and Southampton County teamed to make its presentation to the state for consideration. In it, the two municipalities proposed incentives that could be realized by new industry moving to the area, including waivers of some building permits, wage incentives, lower utility rates and, in some cases, lower taxes.

In short, the proposal was to make it attractive for new industry to locate — and provide more jobs — here.

Certainly a worthy idea.

Problem is, as it turns out, is our region is not as troubled economically as those areas receiving the designation.

Perhaps it’s not all bad news.