Wanted: Old computers

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 29, 2007

FRANKLIN—Although Christmas is past, at least two citizens are hoping to continue the tradition of giving.

Franklin residents Gregory McLemore and Thomas Council are seeking anyone who is getting rid of their computers. They want to donate the equipment to the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for educational use by the youth.

&uot;Since it’s Christmastime, a lot of people are getting newer computers,&uot; said McLemore. He said that Internet-capable, but perhaps older computers, whether a PC or a Mac, will be appreciated. Denise Grant, also a city resident, has stepped up to the plate, already donating a computer to the cause.

The original idea stemmed from a discussion during a ward meeting about youth not having enough activities to keep them occupied. Concerns were centered on crime on the southern side of the city.

Since then, McLemore has been trying to come up with ways to get involved that will be beneficial to area youth.

Council became involved after the ward meeting, and noted he didn’t realize that the recreation center lacked computers. He said after talked to the Parks & Recreation Director, Frank Davis.

&uot;He agreed to put in five computers to try them out,&uot; said Council.

The men said if they receive more than five computers, they will find them a home, whether they go to the rec center or to an individual home for a youth who needs a computer.

&uot;I may also approach some of the area churches to establish a place where for the children to use them,&uot; said McLemore.

He said working on the computer gives the youth vital experience with keyboards they can use in jobs later, and if the project is successful they want to eventually obtain some educational software to enhance the children’s knowledge.

&uot;I’m also trying to foster cooperation between the parks and recreation department and the city school system,&uot; McLemore said.

&uot;I was told when I was asking about the (rec) programs that there was a problem with space.&uot;

Anyone interested in donating a computer may contact Council, 569-1536, or McLemore, 560-8405. Anyone interested in volunteering with this project may attend a meeting Wednesday, Jan. 2, at 2:30 p.m. at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center to discuss civic concerns.