Food kitchens are needed all year

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 13, 2007

To the Editor:

As I sat here today a thought entered my mind. At Thanksgiving and Christmas there is always a big drive to collect food for the

“less fortunate.”

I see a minor problem here. The “less fortunate” are with us all year long. I know that recently there have been requests to donate because the shelves of the food kitchens were almost bare.

I have an idea you can help to make come true: that donations come in all year long. I envision a program, maybe with a title like, “Franklin, a community that cares.” I envision a program that operates all year long because someone puts forth the effort to sort of formalize such a program.

As I see it, sort of a contest could be begun with someone designated each month to put out the ads and announce the collectors for that month.

I drew up a list to illustrate that idea. It is: all gas stations in January; Wal-Mart in February; Lowes in April; fire, police and sheriff in May; hair and beauty salons in June; restaurants in July; Franklin city employees in August; scouts in September; schools in October; churches in November; and pharmacies, drug stores and grocers in December.

Of course, it is just a suggested list for someone to work from. It is to illustrate that with a system, and proper public relations, there could be a system whereby some collection would be formalized for a collection each month. This might help to keep the pantries stocked all the time. Just a thought.

Best wishes and God’s blessings, always.

Philip R. Huggins