Supervisors#8217; health care plan is expensive to residents

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 8, 2007

To the Editor:

It has not been but three weeks since the election and Southampton’s Board of Supervisors is already contemplating spending money for its own benefit.

Only three years ago they voted themselves a salary which was the maximum allowed by law.

Based on the number of people in our county, the chairman’s is set at $7,200, vice chairman at $6,200 and the rest of the board members can receive $5,500.

At the November Board of Supervisors meeting, a proposal was presented for group health benefits for supervisors.

This will cost the county over $6,000 for board members and spouse, and $9,000 for the family plan.

Someone in the audience asked if there would be a public hearing on this issue; the answer was no. If they accept this proposal, it will be put in the 2008-09 budget.

If anyone wants to comment on the issue, they will have to bring it up at that time. Not a single supervisor spoke against the proposal.

This is a time when many people in the county are having a hard time making ends meet and some families cannot afford to buy health insurance for their own families. They are now expected to provide health benefits for the supervisors. An affluent city like Virginia Beach doesn’t provide health insurance for the city council members; they only provide for the members to be able to buy into the health plan. The result of providing health insurance will more than double our supervisors’ salaries. Don’t forget to speak up at the budget hearing.

Glenn H. Updike