The Queen keeps Courtland ties

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 29, 2007

COURTLAND—Fourth-graders at Southampton Academy have been treated royally.

The students recently received a response to a letter sent to Queen Elizabeth, written after she visited Virginia. A gift basket filled with Virginia products accompanied the note.

The students also included photos of themselves during their traditional Colonial Day celebration, where the students dress in period costume, witness a mock trial, represent a trade on Duke of Gloucester Street, and learn about trades of the time and the way people lived in general.

The students told Queen Elizabeth all about Colonial Day in their letter.

They also wrote, “To continue the celebration of our nation’s birth, including your visit, we will host a spring gala spotlighting children in Jamestown, Williamsburg and our proud relationship with England.”

The return letter to the students, written by Senior Correspondence Officer Sonia Bonici, stated, “Her majesty was interested to learn about your heritage project earlier this year, turning back the clock to Colonial times in Williamsburg, Virginia.

“The Queen was delighted to see the charming photographs taken of your class when you celebrated Colonial Day, and I am to thank you for the kind gifts you sent to her.

“Her majesty, who very much enjoyed her recent visit to the United States of America, has asked me to convey her warm good wishes to you all, and to thank you for taking the time and trouble to write as you did.”

The gala the students referred to is the second of such events for Southampton Academy’s Development Committee. Sponsoring them two years on and one year off, the event has a theme each time, and is centered around something that will appeal to and enlighten the entire community.

Last year’s fund-raiser was the Greatest Generation, which honored veterans of all wars, in particular World War II.

This year’s topic will be A New Nation, which will tie in with Jamestown.

According to Pat Hartman, co-chairwoman of the Special Events committee and chairman of the Development and Advancement Committee, and SA Development Associate Anne Pittman, the proceeds will go to the capital campaign, which at this time is the Lower School building.

“Last year, we raised $69,000,” said Hartman. “That is the most we have ever raised.”

The slogan of the upcoming event will be, “Don’t let the ship sail without you.”

More details of the event will be announced later.