Recalling a big night at Meherrin

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 28, 2007

To the Editor:

On the evening of Oct. 23, I had the great honor of taking part in the celebration of a “historical landmark” and “milestone” within the Public School System of Southampton County.

On that great historical occasion Meherrin Elementary School was honored as one of four schools in the nation selected as a federal Blue Ribbon School to tell the story of their journey germane to this great accolade to the federal government.

What a milestone, and what a precedence that has been established by the principal, Syretha Wright, her staff, the students and the parents.

As a member of the Southampton County Board of Supervisors representing the Newsoms District, I share in that pride and the joy of this achievement, but most importantly I offer kudos to those that brought the journey to fruition.

I know of no better example to gauge the proactive “Return On Our Investment” in education here in Southampton County — for this great achievement and superlative work speaks for itself.

Our teachers, students and parents are to be commended.

Personally, I offer my thanks to Superintendent Charles Turner, his staff, the School Board and especially those of Meherrin Elementary School for the vision of enlightenment. You are truly making a difference in preparing our young people to assume the role of productive citizens.

Keep up the good works and thanks for caring about our children.

Walter D. “Walt” Brown, III

Board of Supervisors, Newsoms District