Planners say it’s OK to subdivide certain lots

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 23, 2007

FRANKLIN—The city’s planning commission passed with a recommendation to the City Council an amendment that would allow some lots to be subdivided in the city.

It has been discovered that some single lots in the city have two buildings on them that were built prior to enforcement of the current zoning ordinance and subdivision ordinance regulations. They cannot be subdivided because of the regulations, and therefore, it prevents a property owner from selling one of the buildings.

At least 18 such lots exist in the city, according to City Planner Amanda Crocker.

Said Donald Goodwin, director of Community Development and commission secretary, &uot;Over the years, we’ve had several people call who either had a business and house on one lot or a guest house fronting another street (and none could be subdivided).&uot;

The amendment would only affect lots with existing structures in the B-1, B-2 and R zoning districts. The structures may be two detached single-family homes or a single-family home and a business that front a public street.

The properties could be subdivided with certain specifications.

Commissioners unanimously decided to send it to the council favorably after a brief discussion. No one spoke during the public hearing held before the council met.