Minding trash is a responsibility

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 20, 2007

To the Editor:

I read with frustration in the paper about the illegally dumped trash and how nobody was found guilty for the dumping. What a shame that the courts ignored the hard work done by the Sheriff’s Department and did not fine these people. The fact is you are responsible for your trash. If you are riding down the road and a bag blows out of your truck, you are littering. It does not matter that you did not mean to.

If you don’t go back and pick it up then you are to blame, not the wind. You should have secured it better. Same thing with these people claiming they had a friend or whatever haul their trash.

It’s still your responsibility to make sure that person hauling your trash is going to do it responsibly. It’s your trash with your name and address on stuff inside.

If they stop down the road and throw it in the ditch because they are that low life then it’s your fault for picking a scumbag to haul your trash.

Thank you, Lt. Gene Drewery, for trying to make these people accountable who trash up our county.

I appreciate your efforts.

It’s time for the people that judge these litter cases to become aware that we have a terrible litter/dumping problem in this county.

Maybe they don’t live here I don’t know, but we do and it’s high time the these people start being prosecuted to the fullest measure.

Jeff Turner