A day in our lives

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Two news items on the front page of Wednesday’s edition of The Tidewater News caught our collective eye that illustrate how much work we have in front of us to try to resolve our ills.

The first involved a sixth-grader from Southampton Middle School who is facing serious punishment after it was discovered that he was behind a bomb threat that forced the school’s evacuation on Monday, which happened to be Veterans Day.

The 13-year-old has been suspended and faces expulsion from the school, as well as pending charges.

Students were evacuated to the neighboring high school’s auditorium after school officials discovered a written bomb threat that was “very specific in nature,” according to a spokesman for the Southampton Sheriff’s Department.

The other item involves plans to organize Ivor’s 100th anniversary, which is still 11 months away.

Two women, active in their churches, have been working on a celebration for the town’s special date for several months, told us there still is much work to be done.

One item planned is to assemble a chorus as soon as possible so practice may begin in January.

Other event is a parade. Ironically, the sheriff’s office is involved that effort as well, but in this case to approve traffic control.

On days like Wednesday, we are reminded — again — how two disparate events exist in the same community.