Situating a sand pit in Sebrell is a bad idea

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To the Editor:

On Nov. 26, there is a proposal coming before the Southampton County Board of Supervisors, to operate a borrow pit/sand pit on the Lyttle Farm at Sebrell.

Hundreds of dump trucks including tractor trailer size trucks would transport the sand on River Road through our small residential community. River Road is a narrow, winding country road, and was never intended to support this kind of heavy truck traffic.

The residents of Sebrell fear for our safety, way of life, and for all of our residents, especially our children, school buses, and senior citizens that will be put at risk by the heavy truck traffic.

Sebrell does not deserve to be subjected to this disruption of our way of life. We are a small community located on the northern edge of Southampton County. Most people know us for our community center, which has provided the county and surrounding communities a place to hold wedding receptions, family reunions, welcome home parties, etc., and is also a voting precinct.

We, the residents of Sebrell request, plea, and beg the landowners to find an alternative route to transport their sand.

We the residents of Sebrell request the Board of Supervisors to please not allow these trucks to come through the peaceful community of Sebrell.

John and Jean Burchett