Curtis Hardison ran a clean campaign

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 9, 2007

To the Editor:

While reflecting on the results of [Tuesday’s]

elections, several truths came to weigh heavily on my mind. These truths may not be known to the general public, but they are ensconced in the hearts and minds of every one of R. Curtis Hardison’s family and volunteers. Had some of these truths been made public, the results of the race for clerk of the circuit court may well have been different. The truths about Curtis were made public.

I am extremely proud of how Curtis ran his campaign. Curtis ran his campaign with honor, integrity, commitment and courage. He rounded it off with honesty, which is severely lacking in many campaigns these days. Curtis detailed the improvements he would make to the office, educated the public as to his credentials, and took his message to the residents of the county, door-to-door.

Curtis never felt the need to engage in “under-the-radar” politicking, never insisted that someone take down the sign of his opposition, and certainly never felt the need to threaten supporters of the opposition with repercussions, should they not support him. Business owners who depend on big farms for business will always be able to count on Curtis to uphold the law, no matter whom they choose to support politically.

Some residents of the county were lead to believe that someone would lose his/her job if Curtis were to have won. I’m afraid ignorance has run amuck, again. The office of Clerk of the Circuit Court belongs to no one. The current clerk was retiring, which left an opening. Three people applied for that job, but it was [Sharon Nelms Jones’] until after the polls closed Tuesday.

Ignorance is bliss, I understand.

I’m far from bliss.

The residents of [Isle of Wight County] still don’t seem to understand that identity theft is a very real threat.

I guess some folks have to actually go through it to believe it. What a shame. I intend to go to every circuit court where I’ve had to file any kind of papers (probate a will, marriage license, passport) and see if my social security number is accessible to the public. I shouldn’t have to be pro-active, but Curtis has opened my eyes and I refuse to ignore the threat.

The majority of the miserable voter turnout is happy with the status quo. May they remain happy when a 23-year-old identity thief makes off with their identities and enjoys years of free shopping.

Curtis: Well done. I have never seen anyone work any harder to reach a goal. You deserve much respect for the honorable way you conducted yourself throughout your campaign.

Shannon Hardison, sister-in-law