10-year-olds know what they want, and it#8217;s not OLF

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 3, 2007


The following letter was written by Rachel Brown and Calli Joyner, who are best friends and are 10 years old. This letter was entirely their idea and their work.

To the Editor:

Do you know that the Navy is going to build a huge flight strip right here in the middle of Southampton County?

The Navy of America has chosen six or seven places that are all naturally and economically sensible to build their flight strip in Virginia, all but one in our Southampton County.

Just think about all of those people who make a living out of farming, hunting, fishing and showing animals in the fair and such. They may go into debt and lose there farms and jobs, and as devastating as it sounds, there families [at risk] over the outcome of this flight strip.

Sure, there are one or two good reasons that we should have this flight strip here, but think of all the money, the many bad reasons that we shouldn’t.

[Think of] all those farmers who are fighting this, who really need all the support they can possibly get from us. Do you live in Franklin? Do you want to stay up all night listening to the sounds of jets and airplanes flying over your household? No, you probably don’t. So, do what we did: write to the editor and government and put your foot down and say no. Use your voice and stop this madness.

Help out all those people who really deserve it.

Rachel Brown, Calli Joyner