Hardison gets a nod for clerk

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 25, 2007

To the Editor:

I was shocked to learn that Social Security numbers are on documents recorded in the clerk’s office and are open to the public using a public access computer. As a retired Master State Trooper, I understand how easy it is to steal someone’s birthday identity by obtaining their Social Security numbers and the serious problems associated with trying to straighten it out. (Remember Angel Gonzales as reported by The Smithfield Times).

I wonder why no one seems to care about protecting us except Curtis Hardison and he brought this issue to all of us and even Mrs. Jones stated at the forum that she had the authority to refuse to accept documents that contain Social Security numbers. Perhaps it is Hardison’s police experience or maybe caring about our security and our well being that causes him to know the seriousness of this issue.

We need a clerk who will not only protect our records but will protect us from identity theft. Hardison will make sure that our Social Security numbers are not available to anyone. My

vote is for a man that has the experience, education and training to do the job that we deserve in the Clerk of Courts Office.

Curtis Hardison will be there for all the working people; look at his platform and I think that you will agree Curtis is the only candidate that has a real platform and fully understands what should be done. My family’s vote is for Curtis Hardison.

Elwin Kessler