Jones gets support for clerk

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 24, 2007

To the Editor:

Our sister, Sharon Nelms Jones, is running for Clerk of Court for Isle of Wight County. She is experienced, qualified and deserving of the job. Growing up, we were taught to do any job the best it could be done, or don’t do it at all. And Sharon takes this to heart with her chief deputy job.

Sharon goes the extra mile to help those who need that extra help. She goes in on Saturday or Sunday to make it more convenient for those needing the clerk’s office who live out of town. She visits county residents at home who are unable to come into the office.

Sharon is tough, but compassionate; strong when circumstances need strength; but also gentle and kind where others are concerned, putting them first. She expects perfection from herself in all commitments whether it is playing the piano, directing the choir, or on the job as chief deputy.

Sharon is an avid fitness enthusiast working out every morning to “get her day started right.” She says that it is a time to get focused on her day when all the world is quiet.

She is dedicated to her job as chief deputy and will be as dedicated as Clerk of Court for Isle of Wight County.

Jeanette Byrum, Mary Pulley, Marilyn Edwards and Donna Jones